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How the Website Works

This website has been designed with you in mind.  Based on interviews with people with serious mental illness, family members, and professionals, we have made every effort to build a useable and helpful site.

It is our hope that you won't need much help, but we've included a lot here just in case.  Let's begin with what we think are a couple important points to keep in mind:

No matter where you are  on the site, we have tried to put text "buttons" at the top of the page that will help you to get someplace you can remember.  Lot's of people get lost in "hyperspace". For that reason, there should always be a button at the top of the page that says [home].  Clicking on this text will take you to the main page.


There are a half dozen main sections of the website -- support s, ask a question, what's new.  Each of these sections also has a button at the tope of the page.


The amount of information people wanted access to was great, and somewhat complex.  To help you find what you need, the main page lists this information in categories that we have been told make sense.  If you put your mouse over one of these categories, you will see a set of choices that will allow you to pick one or more subchoices. 


There are a couple places you will go that will have a series of different ways of interacting.  When this is the case, your choices will be shown as buttons on the left of the screen.


All things that are underlined and blue are links to more information.  After you have visited someplace, the color of the link will get darker to remind you that you have been there.